Payback Calculator

Payback Calculator

Please enter your lighting installation details below to see how much you could save by switching to LED*

Current lamp LED lamp
Number of Lamps in Installation
Current and New LED Lamps Wattages W
Cost Per Lamp
Total Lamp Cost
Days of Use Per Year
Hours of Use Per Day
Total Hours of Use Per Year
Total kWh Consumed Per Year
Total Energy Cost Per Year
(ESB Triff Per Unit)
Savings on Lighting Cost Alone Per Year €
Payback Period in Month
CO2 Emission Savings Per Year (Tonnes)
(Average All Island Market 504g per kWh)
Savings on Each Time You Replace A Halogen Bulb:
(Based on: Lasts 25 Times Longer * 2 Euro 50W Bulb Cost * 2 Euro Replacing Labor Cost)
Total Savings: This Savings Excludes Savings on Carbon Emission

*Information provided should only be used for illustrative purposes and shall not be used as part of a contractual agreement.

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