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ecoLED Lighting has been at the forefront of LED lighting technology for the past two decades. From originally manufacturing LED components we were one of the first producers to bring long life energy saving LED bulbs to the market.

Through our ongoing research and development we now have the technology to manufacture and bring to the market our second generation LED bulbs, which have proven to be of exceptional quality, much longer lasting than ever before, with all the benefits of LED energy saving.

WE manufacture and supply a huge range of LED light bulbs to both the domestic and commercial markets, most of which have been designed to fit traditional light fittings, allowing customers to upgrade their lighting requirements to LED, without the added expense of replacing original light fittings, while enjoying the many advantages of LEDs. See LED FACTS

For new projects we have a wonderful variety of quality products, which offer the public much better value for money, while also giving them peace of mind, in the knowledge they are eco- friendly.  

As a company we use the latest technologies available to consistently improve our products, while ensuring our commitment to reduce the global carbon footprint, and help our environment. 


Year 2006 was a milestone for ecoLED, We established a European support base in Ireland.

Our overseas office was set up to provide top quality LED lighting and services at factory prices while promoting energy saving products.


ecoLED is a trading name of  EA-ZY ENTERPRISES LTD

CRO Register Number: 416842

Business Name Number: 413668

Address: ecoLED  Ballymount Retail Centre  Ballymount Road Upper Dublin 24

Tel: +353-1-5167786                      Mobile: +353876227443

Website: www.ecoLED.ie              E-mail: info@ecoLED.ie

We have recently opened our Australian support base.

Address: 3 Maria Street, Laverton North, VIC  3026  

Tel:  03 99886733                                 Fax:(03) 9255 5382

Mobile: 0425011111    ;    0425033333    ;    0425066666

Website: www.ecopal.com.au              Email: info@ecopal.com.au

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The Unique Energy Saving Bulbs for LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the best options that can be utilized for lighting needs. What cause the LED lighting to work effectively are the LED light bulbs. They can be found in well known household fixtures. There is a broad range of LED lights bulbs online going at very low prices. Most of the available LED bulbs are regarded as retrofit. This means that if you bought new LED light bulbs, they will be able to fit well in the place of your old bulbs.


The available LED light bulbs utilize between 1.8W and 8W though they will give equal light intensity like an incandescent of 25 W to 50W respectively. That reduces energy to about 85 to 95%. This is the best solution for those who are not happy with a regular replacement of their household bulbs. The best solution will be the LED light bulbs that have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This implies that the LED light bulbs can serve you for the next ten years if switched on for 12 hours every day.


Based on your purpose and choice, you may select from a cool or warm white. Cool white has a sharp and clear daylight effect whereas warm white takes after the color of conventional incandescent lamps. Choosing either of these will let you benefit greatly from LED lighting.

Besides the LED light bulbs, the other product that you can get from the LED online shop is the GU10 LED. If you intend to save energy from your lighting, GU10 LED bulbs are very popular for this. They have a rare combination of form and function that makes them suitable to be used both for the commercial and household lighting. The GU10 LED are not only stylish but are also very efficient in energy saving. They are user friendly due to their bi-pin lock fitting. 

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