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The Main Benefits of the Incredible LED Bulbs

Our LED online shop has a broad range of LED bulbs to choose from. The available LED bulbs have several advantages. First, they are energy saving. They can output light that is five times greater than their equivalent halogens and about 10 times that of traditional GLS light bulbs. The second benefit of using the LED bulbs is that they are economical and will thus enable the user to save money in two ways: reduction of electrical costs due to lighting and reduced replacement costs because of their longer lifespan which is about 10 years.


Third, LED bulbs are eco-friendly. Besides having the ability to reduce the carbon footprint, the LED bulbs are devoid of heavy metals such as mercury that must be present for the fluorescent lamps to give out light. Mercury is very harmful to the environment and can therefore be detrimental if the bulb gets broken or is discarded after the expiry of its life span.


The fourth benefit of LED light bulbs has to do with quality. Most people are used to the halogen lamps with low voltage. However, the current high-power LED light bulbs provide high quality of light for good use. The light that LED light bulbs produce equal range of temperature and colors to ensure the environment they are used in are warm and well lit.


The fifth aspect has to do with safety. The LED lighting is not heat based. This means there is no risk of fire if the LED light bulbs such as LED downlight came in touch with insulation. This is contrary to low voltage halogens that can be easily inflammable if they are covered by some insulation. The LED lighting is produced at low temperatures making it possible to hold the LED light bulbs when they are on since there is no overheating.


Sixth, LED lighting is offered in diverse sizes and shapes. This implies there will be a suitable lamp or fitting to ensure the user’s requirements are met. Moreover, it is possible to dim the LED lights. This can be achieved using the conventional dimmers. The earlier LED’s were not dimmable.


Our LED online shop is available to meet the needs of those who are interested in LED lights. There are several types of bulbs that those looking for LED lights can go for. They include G4 LED bulbs, GU10 LED bulbs and MR16 LED bulbs among others. There are also many LED accessories to select from.


The right selection for any of the LED lights can only be made after taking sometime to browse through the available options from our LED online shop. Besides, there is a department involved in research and development to ensure that the latest LED lights have been added to the existing category. Both LED lights and LED bulbs can be obtained cheaply and in a broad range of selection.

We advise customers to take some time to browse through the available options from our LED online shop, making sure you have found the most suitable product for your needs. Our company is committed to research and development and continually update and add to ourrange of the latest LED products.

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